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So I've been involved lately with Giant Gnome Productions, ( ) a podcasting site that does awesome serial fan dramas. The Awesome Fiance has a pretty big part in Star Trek: Outpost. He really got to shine in the last few months, since Episodes 21 thru 23 focused on his character, Captain Monty Buchanan, Commander of Deep Space Three. I had a teeny part in 21, and had a blast, and now I've been given a NEW part in the show! I'm playing a Betazoid Ambassador, and having a blast doing so! I show up in the last part of the current episode 24: Drawing Back the Veils. It just was released yesterday!

So usually we get the scripts to the new episode before the current one comes out, but this time it was delayed a bit. Me and the Fiance were chafing at the bit, curious as to what was happening next. Well, this morning I get awoken by the Fiance as he is on his way out the door to go to work, to tell me that the next script was here, and I had quite a few lines.

That was a bit of an understatement. I'm in almost every scene! Holy crap! I guess Tony was all "she wants some lines, eh? She had fun, eh? Well THERE. HAVE SOME LINES."  

I got dry, overworked throat just from dry-running the script as I sat in bed (I hadn't technically gotten up yet. It's my day off, and the bed is warm and comfy. Laptops ftw!) I'm going to have to break the script down and do it scene by scene to record, so we can keep it manageable and easy to edit and save in the format needed.

Look at me, I have to ACT. SO MUCH FUN. I totally would have gone for Drama if I hadn't been so obsessed with visual art. Course, I still am obsessed with visual art, but this is ever so much fun to flirt with! All my acting experience comes from LARPing, but there is something refreshing about voice acting. I don't have to worry about costumes, or body language, or whether I look the part or whatever. I just have to worry about my voice. That's worry enough, cause I still get nervy and stage frightish, a thing I am trying to combat. My main issue is that my voice goes up when I am nervous, and so if I'm alone, reading something aloud, I can do some pretty good low voices and different tonalities, but when I try to show the Fiance, I CAN'T. GUH. I am trying to work through this.

I'm glad my Ambassador part isn't a low or growly one. I can do effacious and wafting. Oh can I do it. ^___^

I don't know how many episodes this part will be in, but YAAAAAYYYYY! LINES!

*does happy dance*

(mostly crossposted from my Livejournal)

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot this! Star Trek: Outpost was nominated for a Parsec Award for the second year running! OMG so excited!  We are nominated for best long form serial podcast! The award ceremony is at Dragoncon, so AWESOME. I think this year we really have a chance to win; Outpost's second season has been really solid in it's writing, acting, and production. The Gnomes are putting together the submission now.
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